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The tool to improve your team's cognitive and vision skills

There is shift in how coaches and trainers are helping their athletes achieve peak performance. 

Cognilit - Immersive Brain Training Tool 

Processing speed
Working memory
Complex movement

Add cognitive training to your 

regular strength and conditioning training 

Cognilit an immersive brain training program to improve athletic cognitive performance. Designed using 3-D Multiple Object Tracking research Cognilit trains your team's cognitive skills, including, attention, processing speed, complex movement perception, and working memory. These skills are key components of fast reaction time, accurate decision making and better visual awareness during game-play. 
High performing athletes are already integrating cognitive and vision training into their regular sports training. Download Cognilit today and get started on your cognitive training.  Cognilit can also be used as an assessment tool to evaluate your cognitive performance. 

Based on 3D Multiple Object Tracking research - Cognilit trains your cognitive skills using an evidence based paradigm

Immersive environment - improve your cognitive skills in a virtual reality environment

Consistently improve with our adaptive training algorithm

New virtual reality cognitive assessment which evaluates your cognitive performance against normative data

Pre and post concussion monitoring - Use results to determine your cognitive function after a brain injury

Train multiple athletes

at the same time


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All Videos

Immersive Brain Training 

The training tool to unlock your team's peak performance.

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