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Data-Driven Virtual
Therapy for Clinicians

A platform to provide precision mental health treatment by

collecting biometric data, automating treatment plans and

enhancing your clinical capacity

Clinicians care deeply about their clients and are looking for ways to improve client outcomes. With an ever-increasing demand for their services, clinicians need new tools to improve clinical efficiency while maintaining quality therapy.
The Peak Cognition platform:
  • Makes sure those that need the care, get the care

  • Monitors progress over time and tracks changes

  • Allows for timely follow-up

  • Increases client motivation and participation

  • Enhances clinical practice by using the latest biometric data

  • Improves clinical effectiveness and efficiency

Peak Cognition provides clinicians with a platform to facilitate therapy so clients get better, quicker.

Enhance Your Capacity & Improve Clinical Outcomes

Data = Increased Motivation + Better Adherence

How It Works

Create & Assign


Create, schedule & assign unlimited questionnaires. Monitor and track completion in-person and between sessions.

Measure and Monitor

Biometric Data

Use wearable devices to collect key physiological data such as sleep, heart rate, heart rate variability and daily activity levels.

Schedule Customized SMS Messages

Create and schedule personalized text messages to provide targeted information as well as send reminders.

Use Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Data

Correlate biometric data with objective psychological and cognitive assessment scores. 

Assign Videos

Upload, assign and schedule therapy videos for patients to watch at home. Track completion of watched videos remotely.

Therapeutic Homework

Create, package and assign clinical homework to encourage practice outside of sessions.

Senior Man Working from Home

Data-driven virtual therapy

Support your clients in-person and outside of session through a single, secure platform. Create and assign questionnaires, monitor key biometric data and track clients' completion of tasks. 

Psychologist Session

 Provide Between Session Patient Monitoring


Unlimited Forms

Create, customize and schedule questionnaires to gather key self-report data. Schedule deadlines and track completion rates remotely.

Smart Watch

Biometric Monitoring

Gain deeper insights, enhance engagement and increase patient awareness by collecting biometric data from wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Health Gauge. Remotely monitor sleep, stress levels and activity levels to enhance clinical outcomes.


Neurofeedback Training

Support your clients with neurofeedback data by incorparating EEG-based brain monitoring technologies. 

Woman Texting

Automated custom SMS

Schedule automated custom text messages to remind your client to complete tasks, provide them with daily inspirational messages or share key information related to their mental wellness. 

Untitled design (66).png

All on a secure platform

Enjoy the peace of mind you need knowing we use the highest standards to secure your data. All data at-rest and in-transit is encrypted and meets HIPAA requirements. 


Get better client outcomes, while increasing clinical efficiency.

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