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Peak Cognition is a cognitive performance platform that support mental performance training through virtual reality apps and biometric data monitoring. Below you will find the required links to download the apps on your smartphone so you can begin training.

Setup Page

Download Apps

Download Apps

1. Download the IOS app


2. Download the Health Gauge App


1. Download the Android app

2. Download the Health Gauge app


1. Download the PC App

Coming Soon!
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Mental Training App

1. Log in to the app with the same email and password for your web dashboard (account setup)

2. Select the platform you want to train on (VR or 2D) 

3. Select Assessment to determine your baseline performance


4. Select Core to beginning training

5. Select the environment you want to train in

6. Start Training

"Get the most out of the training by remembering to keep your eyes fixated on the cross-hair"

VR Training Instructions

Biometric Monitoring

1. To monitor your biometric data, complete the form under the "Data Sources" tab in your web dashboard (Video)

2. Download the Health Gauge app on your mobile device


3. Log in to the app with the same username and password you entered in the "Data Sources" form

4. In the Health Gauge app, ensure your device is connected by clicking the Bluetooth icon on the top right corner

5. Your phone's bluetooth should not be connected to another device 

6. Your watch has a device ID which will appear as a string of letters and numbers (HG ####)

7. Select the device ID. Your watch is now connected to the app

Fitness Tracker Setup


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