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Payment Policy

Payment Policy


You may access Lenica Research Group's (Lenica) products for free, and other services and products require payment of subscription fees. Lenica's products and services include Peak Cognition. This Payment Policy is incorporated into the Lenica Terms of Service, and applies to users who have purchased a Lenica product subscription plan to access Lenica's service through a mobile application, and to individuals whose payment details have been used to purchase the Lenica services.


We offer many different types of individual plans, organization plans, and the specific pricing terms applicable to your account may vary depending on promotions, the type of device, the type of subscription and the term you select at the time of purchase (e.g., monthly or yearly). In addition, some of our subscription plans renew automatically, as described in more detail below. If you have questions regarding your plan following your purchase, please refer to your Account page and the confirmation email sent to the email address associated with your account after your purchase.


Our mobile subscription plans are billed in one payment for the applicable term. This means, for example, that if you purchase a monthly plan, you will be charged for the full month’s payment each month; if you purchase a yearly plan, you will be charged for the entire year at the time of the purchase and each time it renews. Please note that we may use a third-party payment processor to facilitate your payments. Applicable taxes, regulatory surcharges, and assessments, if any, may be added to your charges.


If you purchase a subscription through the Apple iTunes Store or Google Apple Store, the sale is final, and we will not provide a refund. Your purchase will be subject to Apple's applicable payment policy, which also may not provide for refunds. Please contact Apple Support for assistance.


Other than stated above, you hereby acknowledge and agree that Lenica will not offer refunds on any fees and charges related to your purchase of any Services. This includes bank overdraft fees or any partially used or unused periods for which you have already paid. For subscription-based enrollments, except as stated above, upon cancellation of your subscription, you will not be issued a refund for the most recently (or any previously) charged fees.


By subscribing to Lenica's products and services, you are signing up for an auto-renewing subscription requiring recurring payments, and you expressly authorize Lenica to automatically charge the applicable recurring fee and any applicable taxes to your payment method unless and until you cancel.


If you signed up with a promotion, your renewal rate may be higher than your initial rate. Please refer to your Account page or the confirmation email sent after your initial purchase to review details about the renewal amount and the date of the next renewal.

Depending on your determined jurisdiction, payments required may be stated exclusive of all taxes, duties, levies, imposts, fines or similar governmental assessments, including sales and use taxes, value-added taxes ("VAT"), goods and services taxes ("GST"), excise, business, service, and similar transactional taxes imposed by any jurisdiction and the interest and penalties thereon, excluding taxes based on Lenica’s net income (collectively, "Taxes"). Customer shall be responsible for and bear Taxes associated with its purchase of, payment for, access to or use of Lenica's programs. Charges are inclusive of applicable Taxes where required by law. Lenica’s and your obligations under this section shall survive the termination or expiration of these Terms.


Lenica subscriptions made through the Apple App Store will be charged through your iTunes account and renew automatically through your iTunes account. You acknowledge and agree that we are authorized to charge you through your iTunes account for the renewal and you will be charged for the regular price of your subscription within 24 hours prior to the end of the current term. You can turn off automatic renewal in your iTunes account settings, but you must do so at least 24 hours before the end of the current term to avoid renewing. Refunds will not be provided for the unused portion of any term.


Our prices and features may change in the future. If the pricing for your subscription increases, we will notify you, and provide you an opportunity to change your subscription, before applying those changes to your account or charging your payment details in connection with an automatic renewal. We may not always notify you of changes to any applicable taxes. If we notify you in advance of at least fifteen (15) days, your continued use of Lenica's products and services after the changes have been made will constitute your acceptance of the changes. If you do not wish to continue subscribing with the new fees or features, you may cancel your subscription. If you accept the new subscription, its terms and conditions will apply for that renewal and all renewals going forward.


By providing payment information to us, you agree that the payment information is valid and (1) in your name or (2) in the name of an individual who has authorized you to use their payment information for your subscription purchase. If you provide someone else’s payment information, you agree that we may refund payment to that person if they so request and if the account is eligible for a refund under this Payment Policy. This may cause interruption to or termination of your Lenica's service.


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