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Making it easier for clinicians, therapists and researchers to automate and provide personalized mental health support to their clients. 

Provide Precision Mental Health Support

Create & Assign


Create unlimited questionnaires. Monitor and track completion, and send automated text reminders.

Measure and Monitor

Biometric Data

Collect key physiological data from wearable devices to gain better insights to improve outcomes

Provide Precision

Remote Therapy

Provide your clients with a secure dashboard to complete questionnaires, watch assigned videos  and complete tasks

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Data-driven remote therapy

Support your clients in-clinic, at-home and as they are travelling through a single, secure platform. Create and assign questionnaires, monitor key biometric data and track clients' completion of tasks. 

Psychologist Session

Track key mental and physical health data between sessions


Unlimited Forms

Create customized questionnaires to gather self-report data. Schedule deadlines and track when questionnaires are completed. 

Smart Watch

Track Biometric Data

Gain deeper insights into your clients overall health by collecting biometric data from wearable devices like the Apple Watch and Health Gauge. Remotely monitor sleep, stress levels and activity levels to make better clinical decisions.


Neurofeedback Training

Support your clients with neurofeedback data by incorparating EEG-based brain monitoring technologies. 

Woman Texting

Automated custom SMS

Schedule automated custom text messages to remind your client to complete tasks, provide them with daily inspirational messages or share key information related to their mental wellness. 

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All on a secure platform

Complete all this and more on an easy to use, encrypted platform. All information collected and assignment is properly secured with the highest data encryption framework such as HIPAA.

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