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  • What is Peak Cognition?
    Peak Cognition is a virtual reality-based brain training platform designed to improve your cognitive performance. Peak Cognition targets key cognitive attributes such as attention, peripheral awareness, processing speed and working memory.
  • How often should I train on Peak Cognition?
    It is recommended you train with Cognilit 4 times a week for 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • Who can benefit from Peak Cognition?
    Peak Cognition can benefit athletics, seniors and patients recovering from brain injury. Its ability to monitor, assess and improve brain function allows it to useful to anyone seeking to improve the cognitive performance.
  • What research is Peak Cognition based on?
    Peak Cognition training program are based on varios research 3D Multiple Object Tracking. To view some of the research articles used visit our research page.
  • Why should I use Peak Cognition over other training programs?
    Unlike 2D brain training programs, Peak Cognition trains your brain in fully immersive environment. Peak Cognition also trains multiple cognitive attributes including attention, working memory, peripheral awareness and processing speed. These attributes have important implications in activities like driving and sports.
  • Can I use Peak Cognition on my cellphone?
    Yes, you can use Peak Cognition Mobile on any virtual reality capable smartphone. The mobile version will have less functionality due to the technical requirements of the full program.
  • Does Peak Cognition only work in virtual reality?
    Although Peak Cognition primarily utilized virtual reality, users can also train on a 2D screen.
  • Where can I access Peak Cognition?
    Peak Cognition can be access on the Lenica and Peak Cognition webpage once the platform is launched.
  • How can Peak Cognition be incorporated into my athletic training?
    Incorporating Peak Cognition into your regular training is easy. As a trainer or coach, you can have your athletes in any of the following ways: Athletes come in 15 - 30 minutes before their regular physical training and complete a 10 minute training session. Incorporate Peak Cognition into your training circuit. Peak Cognition as a stand alone training session
  • How can I assess my athletes’ cognitive performance?
    If you are a coach, trainer or an organization you need to have an organization account to access all the assessments. Sign up for an account on the website.
  • What is cognition?
    The word comes from the Latin root cognoscere, which means “to know”. Cognition refers to the ability to process information through perception, experience or thought.
  • What is peripheral awareness?
    Peripheral awareness is the ability to see action or objects that are not in your direct line of vision. It is the ability to maintain awareness of everything going on around you.
  • What is attention?
    Attention is the concentration on and awareness of specific information going on inside our head, or environment, while ignoring distractions. In sports, for instance, it’s paramount to focus on a key play opportunity and ignore distractions coming at you.
  • What is working memory?
    Working memory is the part of short-term memory that helps you hold on to key information and manipulate it, e.g. thinking of several things at once in order to solve a problem. It plays an important role in concentration during complex situations.
  • What is processing speed?
    Cognitive processing speed is the rate at which you take in information, process and accurately respond to it. Information can be visual, such as letters and numbers, and auditory, such as spoken language. In sports, your ability to interpret a visual scene quickly is critical for your in-game performance.


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