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You need three things to use Cognilit in VR:


Google cardboard app


Set up your Google VR Cardboard (V2):
To run Cognilit on Samsung Gear VR you need:
  • Option 1 - Download Package Disabler Pro app
    • Type in Gear in the search bar
    • Check the Gear VR Service box
    •  Run Cognilit
  • Option 2 - Use the cardboard enabler app

Samsung Gear VR QR code

If you're using the Samsung Gear VR, you need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The following models are supported:

  • Galaxy S8

  • Galaxy S7

  • Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Galaxy Note 5

  • Galaxy S6 Edge+

  • Galaxy S6

  • Galaxy S6 Edge

If you are using Google Cardboard, you need an Android or iOS smartphone.

  • Most recent models with a gyroscope and 4 to 6 in screens (10 to 15 cm) are supported

  • Phones a year or two older may suffer from poor frame rate, latency, and other issues

Android requires Android 5 (Lollipop) or higher

  • To find your current Android version open Settings and then System > About device > Android version 


Apple iPhone Recommended: iPhone 6s Plus, 6 Plus, or 7 Plus

  • Minimum: iPhone 5s or newer

  • To find your iPhone hardware model, look for the model number on the back of the phone and match it to a model

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